It is No Surprise: The Kia Optima Limited is the Most Appealing Auto of Them All

If you remember, at the beginning of this year the eye catching Kia Optima mid-size sedan took the top spot in its category for the most "APEAL-ing" auto. Conducted by the industry experts at J.D. Power and Associates, the APEAL (Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout) Study takes a look at which automobiles are the most alluring overall.

We are sure you can believe that the innovators at Kia were very much  enthused to hear that the Optima took a top spot, they decided not to stop there. Enter: the 2013 Kia Optima Limited. Already unveiled to the public eye, the even-more-appealing Optima model is designed to leave passerby viewers with their jaws completely dropped.

Now, the beautiful trim even has its own commercial. An engaging, 30-second spot, the ad teaches viewers, "how to make a Kia Optima more appealing."1

First, designers put on a set of snazzy 18-inch chrome wheels. After, came an electric parking break and a touch of future technology. And last but certainly not least they sprinkled in some premium Nappa leather trim seats and voila! you have a Kia auto of extremely attractive proportions.


Of course, the alluring commercial doesn't touch on everything that the Kia Optima Limited has to offer. LED lighting, sport-tuned suspension, and shiny new colors cannot be forgotten.

While Kia progressively climbs the upscale ladder and bring forth more appealing new Kia vehicles, Taylor Kia of Findlay hope you will follow its progress on our blog.

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