Sources Say Next-Gen Kia Soul GT is a Go

There are more than enough reason to love the Kia Soul. With its unique, boxy body, funky personality and variety of bold colors consumers can choose from it is more than an eye-catching vehicle. This model has banked sales reaching 73,000 units in the U.S. so far this year. But of course good looks and high numbers aren't enough for Kia. Kia is continuously seeking out ways to improve on what's already amazing. Is that even possible? However, with Kia, nothing is impossible.

So what does this mean? Well that the Soul is about to bring a whole lot more funk.

The rumors seem to be holding true. When the next-generation 2014 Kia Soul heads to market, it will come with a high-performance GT cousin. Maybe  it might be hard to imagine the same Soul that gets spunky with hamsters also tearing up the tracks as a performance-inspired sports model. But think back into the past for a moment to the Kia Track'ster concept and you'll have an idea of where the Soul is headed in the future.

Still though, rumors are rumors until they are officially confirmed, which unfortunately they have yet to be. But the word on the street still holds true that Kia Design Chief Peter Schreyer is highly eager to get the Soul lineup a sporty model with three doors in instead of five. On top of fewer doors, the performance-model Soul would likely feature wider wheel arches, a deep front splitter, and lower suspension. What's more, some industry professionals even forecast a potential Kia Soul convertible in the future. If such an auto did come to fruition, it would take cues from the 2009 Soul'ster convertible concept.

With all these exciting rumors you may want to keep an eye on our Kia blog, or speak with our new 2012 - 2013 Kia vehicle experts in person anytime.

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