How Much Air Do My Tires Need?

TPMS light

No one wants to see the warning light above, but it happens sometimes. That horseshoe type light with an exclamation point in the center of it that appears the dashboard, that’s the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on your Kia letting you know that one or more of your tires has either low or high pressure--on some models, the warning system will even tell you what specific wheel it is.

When that happens, you’ve got to adjust your tire pressure to the correct inflation. That information is fortunately pretty easy to find.

On the inside of your driver side door frame, there will be a decal sign that tells you vital tire information: What size tires your car takes and what safe PSI levels are for those tires. Sometimes recommended inflation varies between front and rear tires, so make sure you’re looking at the right box.

Once you’ve checked recommended ranges, use a tire pressure gauge to determine which tire or tires need to be adjusted (if your TPMS system doesn’t point it out specifically). If you need to let air out, you can just loosely press the gauge against the air nozzle. You’ll hear a hissing as the air escapes, and you can quickly press the gauge on all the way to check to make sure you’re not letting too much air out. If your wheels are under-inflated, you can often find free air pumps at nearby gas stations to fill them back up.

It’s important not to try to adjust your tire pressure based on the PSI numbers listed on the tires themselves: That’s the max air pressure that the tire can handle, NOT the same or recommended amount that you should be driving on.

Kia Replacement Tires near Tiffin

If your TPMS light keeps coming back on, your tire might have a leak and need to be replaced. If that’s the case, or if your tread is low and you just need a whole new set of tires, stop by Taylor Kia of Findlay. We stock only the best Kia replacement tires to make sure you have the right fit and the traction you need. Our Tiffin area Kia service center also offers great Kia service and tire specials to help you get the best deal on whatever your vehicle needs!

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