How to Defog Your Windows

how to defog car windows fast

It’s (still) that time of the year: The roads are sloppy, the temperature is low, and your windows and windshield just keep fogging up. It’s a common problem for drivers, particularly in our area.

Luckily, our Findlay area Kia dealer has a few tips to defogging your windows that you might not be aware of. Windows fog up due to temperature differences between your car’s cabin and the outside world, so in the winter that’s because you and your fellow warm passengers are causing condensation to cling to the cold glass.

It goes beyond just turning your fan knob to the defroster mode, though that is a key piece of getting your windows defogged quickly. Here’s what to do

Fire up the defroster: OK, obviously you’ll want to turn your fan to the defroster setting, and to turn the fan setting to the highest level, and turn the temperature knob to make sure you’re blowing hot. This is a no-brainer.

Turn the AC on: Even if it’s the dead of winter, you should turn air-conditioning on. Though you may think A/C is just to cool you down, it’s actually far more literal than that: It conditions air, meaning it can act as a dehumidifier for your vehicle. With the A/C engaged, crank the temperature up to defog the windows quickly and turn the fan to its highest setting.

Bring fresh air into the car: And to make sure you aren’t just recycling the humid air already causing your car to fog up, turn off air recirculation. You might also want to consider cracking the windows while defogging to let that moist, clingy air exit the cabin.

Using those three concepts, you should be able to get your windows defogged quite quickly without missing a beat. If your AC or fan system are struggling, however, and you find that it isn’t working, make sure you have some clean paper towels or rags nearby to wipe the condensation away. But if you’re doing that, please pull over and come to a stop: As dangerous as it is to drive with fogged up windshield, it’s roughly as bad as trying to keep your eyes on the road while wiping down your passenger-side window. Defeats the purpose, right?

Also, if your AC or ventilation system are malfunctioning, you’ll want to get that fixed soon. To get knowledgeable, timely maintenance from the best team around, contact the service department at Taylor Kia of Findlay. Our experienced team can help with vehicles of all makes and models, and we offer the ability to schedule service online from the comfort of your computer or smartphone. So don’t wait around-being cold behind the wheel is no fun, and being fogged-in is unsafe!

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